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Financial Institutions

Card Acquirers

A treasury solution to your online business clients, enabling them to manage all of their banking operations from one place.

Banks, EMIs, PSPs

We are the backbone that you can rely on to overcome your financial hurdles and expand your growth.

Card Issuers

Easily embed business banking capabilities to your card issuing program, adding value to your clients with zero risk exposure.

For Card Acquirers


Offer merhants a one-stop-shop

business banking solution

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Stand-out from the crowd

Card acquiring is becoming a commodity product, with online merchants looking for financial partners that are able to service them with a tailored business banking solution. We allow you to offer your merchants an end-to-end business banking solution. This brings more value to your merchants.

Increase revenues

Diversify your revenue drivers by creating another revenue stream. Whenever your online merchants make use of any financial product from our ecosystem, you will earn a commission, creating a winning partnership for all parties.

A better way to manage your risk

Don’t just cover your risk by increasing the required collateral and delay the settlement. Since we enable you to offer a wide range of business banking capabilities to your online merchants, you can use such products to leverage your risk, making you more appealing as a card acquirer.

Increase loyalty

By offering embedded business banking to your online merchants, you will increase your value-added service, which in turn creates more loyalty among your network of merchants contributing towards increased life-time value.

For Banks, EMIs, PSPs

Elevate your corporate

banking experience

More visibility, less risk

As a licenced entity, in most cases you are sitting between other financial providers such as card acquirers, card issuers and FX providers for your clients’ fund movement. So you lack the end-to-end visibility between the buyer and the supplier. Through Fyorin, you can follow the movement of your clients’ funds between their various financial providers. This will give you the peace of mind you require, ensuring that your clients are compliant all the way

Generate more revenue

Don’t just offer your product in isolation. Plug and play complimentary products to your service through Fyorin marketplace. For example, you can combine a bank transfer product with a corporate lending service. You wouldn’t just create additional value to your clients but through our commission structure, you create a revenue stream from services that compliments your product.

A smooth way to safeguard client funds

We understand that safeguarding of clients’ funds is an operational challenge, especially as you scale up your business. Through Fyorin, funds are being safeguarded by the relevant financial entity participating in the transaction and the liability is passed over to you at point of need
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For Card Issuers

Offer more with less effort

No more liquidity calculation headaches

Stop turning new business down or asking customers for high collateral because of pre-funding risks. We eliminate these risks through the flexible banking capabilities suite that we are able to offer based on your needs.

Lower your capital adequacy exposure

As you scale up, keeping your capital adequacy under control can be a challenge. Especially if you are offering adjacent services to your product to enhance your preposition. Through our ecosystem, we will manage the movement of funds between the different financial institutions whilst still enabling you to offer a wider range of banking services to your clients.

More business opportunities with less cost

Issuing cards across different card schemes, currencies and regions can be costly. We allow you to expand your product capabilities at a global level with minimal cost. This makes it possible for you to tap into business opportunities before undergoing any investment costs.

Better risk and compliance management

Enhance the risk and compliance mechanisms for your non-core business services by leveraging on our financial institutions network, ensuring that you are always well protected throughout the transaction flow. This allows you to focus on your core service.

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