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Our business banking ecosystem provides you with one place to go for all your banking needs.

We have built a global network of financial institutions, to empower you with frictionless and tailored business banking.

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Our solutions

Business banking should not be hard.

We are here to facilitate it for you


We provide you with the right financial tools, tailored to your business needs; always supporting you with the most economical option to make and receive payments

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Accounting Firms

Focus on what matters, while we handle your customers’ banking enablement administration work for you

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Financial Institutions

We empower you to stand out from the crowd, increase your revenues and help you to navigate through your financial hurdles

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All your banking needs

in one place

End-to-end business banking

We allow you to make use of various business banking capabilities tailored to your business needs. Whether you are looking for an effective and economical method to make and receive payments in different currencies or looking for working capital or to improve your cash flow, we have it. And it’s all under one roof through a single interface

Automated reconciliation

We improve your operational efficiency by cutting down the reconciliation process time across various financial products. Providing you with automated and real-time reconciliation tools, across various financial products. This gives you fast visibility at point of need.

One-time compliance process

Onboarding with various financial institutions is time-consuming but our one-time compliance process enables you to speed up the time-to-market for any financial product your business requires. This allows you to react swiftly to your business needs whilst saving you time and costs.

Industry- business banking

Our in-built machine learning capabilities will guide you with the best way on how you can be more economical and profitable on every transaction you perform, in real-time.

World first financial ecosystem

We connect financial institutions from all over the world into a single network, providing them with the opportunity to expand their business banking capabilities to other members on the network, without increasing their risk exposure. This enables members on the network to offer better business banking to their clients

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“We are supporting Fyorin because we believe that their solution is an enabler for Financial Institutions and SMEs to overcome the business banking challenges that they are currently facing. Fyorin is a good example of the type of companies we would like to support; financially and beyond, as Malta expands its fintech sector. We believe that their approach can be a game-changer in their area and we are very proud to have them as our clients!”

Kurt Farrugia- CEO

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