Solutions for professioinal partners

Do more in

less time

Handling the financial operations for multiple SMEs at the same time, involves jumping from one banking provider to another. It doesn’t have to be anymore!
You can now start managing all your clients more effectively, from one place.

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Easier way to manage

multiple clients

Start managing all the payments for all of your clients from one business portal. No need to juggle between multiple banking logins for each different client of yours. You can also create multiple user permissions with different approval levels for each client you manage, letting you to handle more clients with less effort.

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Mass payments

Uploading spreadsheets for every account you manage to execute a mass payment takes a lot of time. With Fyorin, you can execute one mass payment containing all of your client’s payouts, with each individual client being able to pay their suppliers using their preferred payment method. Besides that, you don’t need to worry about the payment approval process as our robust system will handle that automatically.

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Reconciling every transaction for all your clients can be a headache. We provide you with flexible and unified reporting mechanisms, enabling you to perform reconciliation across all financial instruments being used by each client at lightning speed. Allowing you to operate more efficiently.

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